Signs that your herpes need a treatment

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused when infection takes place with the herpes simplex virus. It gets transmitted from one person to another during sexual intercourse. Even wearing a condom would not avoid the spread of this virus. It gets effortlessly circulated when an uninfected individual falls in contact with the blisters of an infected individual.

It uses the skin to enter inside our body. It can conveniently enter into the skin even through small cracks. It causes ulcer formation around our mouth or genitals besides some other symptoms. Herpes treatment should always be treated by a trained physician as there is no permanent cure for it, but regular medicines can help to lead a normal life.

Prevention of Herpes

Herpes can be prevented following the below tips

  • Use a rubber condom to avoid the circulation of the virus from the infected mate
  • Restrict the number of people you are having intercourse with to lessen the possibilities of infection
  • Prevent performing sex when you have consumed alcohol or other drugs.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse if your partner has ulcers around the genitals


Types Of Herpes

There are two types of herpes mainly:

1. Genitals Herpes

Genitals herpes happens when the ulcers start forming on or around the penis in males, inside or around the vagina in females, on bums, or the anus. These ulcers can also appear on other parts of the skin. Pain can be felt by the person who has herpes during the passage of urine and alterations in the vaginal discharge.

The ulcers can last for two to six weeks.

Soon after the initial occurrence, these signs can repeat frequently. With the passing of time, ulcers and their severity will decrease.

2. Oral Herpes

Oral herpes happens when the ulcers are formed inside the mouth or around the lips. In rare cases, oral herpes can happen on the tongue or face, or other areas of the skin. These ulcers generally stay for two to three weeks.


Signs to look for

Let us now discuss some of the signs which indicate that your herpes needs treatment.

Primary Signs

  1. These happen when the patient gets the infection
  2. When pain and itching are felt by the person besides ulcers
  3. There is swelling in the lymph nodes.
  4. Person develops fever
  5. Persons experience fatigue or become unwell.

Repeating Signs

  1. These signs are identical to primary signs but they keep appearing again and again.
  2. Every 1 person out of 3 who suffer from oral herpes have experienced repeating signs
  3. Every 1 person out of 2 who suffer from genital herpes have experienced repeating signs
  4. Signs for oral herpes stay for eight to ten days.
  5. Signs for genitals herpes also stay for eight to ten days but the ulcers are less as compared to the initial occurrence.


You should always look for these signs and consult a doctor or medical expert for herpes treatment in order to control it at the initial level.


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