It's easy to cope with drug addiction with the help of a luxury rehab center

Drug addiction is a severe problem that hurts human life. This deadly affliction may quickly destroy the person’s general state of health as well as mental, social and moral spheres.


Effective treatment will require time and effort from professional doctors who can build a quality course of therapy. A comprehensive recovery course is used at a luxury rehab, where medications and psychotherapeutic methods are widely used.

Causes of addiction development

It is impossible to determine the specific reasons why a person uses drugs. Each case is different. However, psychologists combine the possible factors of pathogenesis into three groups:


  • Biological. It includes causes related to heredity.

  • Psychological. This group includes such features of the psyche as low-stress resistance, lack of interests and goals in life, low self-esteem, and a feeling of uselessness.

  • Social. It is believed that drug addicts are people belonging to the lower strata of society and unsettled in life. However, many financially secure addicts are looking for “new” sensations. The only difference is in the type and cost of the drug.

Stages of addiction treatment 

Diagnostic stage

Understanding each patient’s problems in detail is necessary to ensure a full recovery. Therefore, specialists of a rehab center, “The Ohana,” will conduct a body survey, talk to the patient and his loved ones, and get a detailed clinical picture of the emergence and progress of drug addiction. Only all this data in combination will allow for building a further course of therapy.

Detoxification program

This is the first stage of drug treatment. Particular medicines will completely clean human systems and organs from toxic compounds damaging our health. Such measures are carried out with the help of an IV.

Drug addiction treatment stage

An individual course of medications will be chosen for each patient to help perform general recovery and strengthen the immune system. In addition, such an approach helps to normalize the whole body quickly.

Drug rehabilitation program

To eliminate the risks of relapse and return to the former destructive way of life, the patient must get rid of thoughts about surfactants. The rehabilitation course uses psychotherapeutic methods that can dramatically change a person’s perception. To maintain a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, the client is provided with sustained motivation in various ways.

The main advantages of an effective addiction treatment clinic

The staff of “The Ohana” center can also provide urgent assistance to a narcologist at home if any acute withdrawal or poisoning conditions arise.


Cost of services: a rehab center has developed a flexible pricing policy, which allows everyone in need to get high-quality service, regardless of financial wealth. At the same time, among our main advantages are the following:


  • Unconditional respect for anonymity of all procedures and confidentiality of information received.

  • Possibility to apply intervention methods for patients unwilling to agree to necessary for their health drug treatment voluntarily.

  • Detailed measures of examination and diagnostics of patients before drug addiction treatment course prescription.

  • Personalized selection of medications and recovery programs.

  • Observation and monitoring of patients’ condition and well-being during their stay in the hospital.

  • Affordable cost of services for everyone.


The staff of the addiction treatment center is dedicated professionals. All conditions are provided for each client to feel comfortable and recover quickly.

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