How to Do Hair Follicle Drug Test at Home: Step By Step Guide


If you’re wondering how to do a hair follicle drug test at home, this article will guide you to conduct this test at your home. We understand a drug test can be stressful for you, especially when it comes in the way of your goal that is kept on hold because of a hair follicle drug test.

You need a drug test while applying for a job and it can be a part of the job selection process. Many companies request candidates or job applicants to pass a drug test due to the nature of the job, especially a job that involves the risk of loss and injury.

If you’re avoiding laboratory sample tests you can use at home hair follicle drug test for your convenience. The home kit is available online and offline for hair follicle drug tests. You can order it online and follow the instructions manual attached to the home kit and you read the manual carefully and follow the instructions to pass the test.

Different purposes of the test

The hair follicle drug test can be conducted for different purposes. The main purpose of hair follicle drugs is to find evidence of drug use or misuse in a sample of a person’s hair. Drug use includes the use of illegal substances.

Drug misuse can be injurious to health and put life in danger. A drug prescription also comes under this category if your doctor does not prescribe or use legal substances in an unhealthy way.

Hair follicle drug testing is also used for other kinds of drug tests because of the result of a long history of drug exposure. This kind of test is useful when it conducts tests for chronic drug use or misuse, understanding long-term patterns of use, and confirming periods of abstinence. Here are many purposes to use Hair follicle drug testing:

  1. Test for employment

Companies may need drug testing in many circumstances, including when screening job applicants, for periodic or random observation of drugs used by employees, or after a workplace accident.

However, a urine test is also commonly used to detect drug use in workplaces.

  1. Test for forensic and legal purposes

Hair follicle drug is also used for criminal investigations to evaluate drug use or misuse in drug-centered crimes and child protection cases.

  1. Test for medical purpose

Sometimes doctors request hair follicle drug tests to analyze a hair sample to evaluate a person’s health. There are concerns wherein a hair test can provide doctors with helpful information.

For example, hair testing can help in post-mortem observations of long-term drug use or misuse.

  1. Test for drug rehabilitation programs

This drug test is used for rehabilitation programs.

Hair testing may be used in addiction medicine to find chronic drug use and misuse and observe periods of abstinence.

Can this test be used at home?

At-home collection kits provide users to conduct this test at home to collect hair samples and mail them to a laboratory for analysis. Users can find At-home hair follicle drug test kits online and over the counter at several retailers. Some at-home hair follicle drug tests can be used for only one type of drug while others give test panels that are used for many drugs at once.

When you choose the use of an at-home hair follicle drug test, you need to check whether the company offers confirmatory testing for positive screening results.


You can consider At-home hair follicle drug test kits but check if the company offers confirmatory testing for positive screening results.




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