Daryush Parvinbenam Discusses Ancient Cultural and Spiritual Practices that Assist Trauma Recovery

Clinical psychotherapist Daryush Parvinbenam recently discussed spiritual practices that assist in trauma treatment.

Spiritual practices provide strength, and resiliency for many individuals. That is especially true in the United States, where a large majority of populations follow some kind of religious or spiritual system. Clinical psychotherapist Daryush Parvinbenam recently discussed several spiritual practices that can assist trauma survivors in their healing process.

Daryush Parvinbenam currently helps clients through his private practice at Renew Wellness Center. He has considerable experience in the field of trauma, including the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, adult attachment disorders, and complex trauma. Daryush Parvinbenam has also facilitated numerous retreats and mindfulness groups, using evidence-based practices of meditation, mindfulness, and tantric yoga, to reduce anxiety and other mental health and trauma-related symptoms.

“Mindfulness meditation and other spiritual practices have been proven effective in the treatment of trauma,” Parvinbenam said. “It can help individuals cope with their memories and thoughts in ways that don’t evoke more emotional distress and re-traumatization. We have seen excellent results with sexual abuse victims, and other forms of traumas and disaster victims”

An analysis of 18 studies on the effects of spiritual practices on trauma therapy showed that psychological symptoms of PTSD and excessive stress were reduced through psycho-spiritual practices. These studies also showed that the longer the mindfulness practices took place, the larger the reduction in PTSD and trauma symptoms was.

Parvinbenam suggested several spiritual practices to ease the harmful mental effects of trauma. These include meditation, breath techniques, and tantric yoga techniques. Through these practices, clients learn how to effectively manage difficult thoughts and feelings, by developing effective coping skills to manage their thoughts and emotions. The goal of these practices is to increase a sense of connection and integration on multiple levels, reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings fragmented and alienated.

“A multi-disciplinary approach to treating trauma has been shown highly effective,” Daryush Parvinbenam said. “Combining traditional counseling methods with spiritual practices like mindfulness and meditation can lead to superior results in helping people cope with traumatic experiences.”

Parvinbenam explained that the purpose of tantric yoga is to create a sense of balance and wholeness in multiple levels, and as a result to regulate the nervous system and psycho-neuro-immune system.

Practices like tantric yoga and meditation can help balance the mind and body of trauma survivors, so they can better cope with past or current traumas.

Individuals interested in learning more about spiritual practices and their relation to trauma therapy may choose to contact Parvinbenam at his practice in Columbus, Ohio.

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