4 Signs That Your Loved One Needs Personal Care Services Brentwood TN

There is no doubt that home care was the right choice for your loved one. In fact, there are some signs that the degree of care in the home needs to increase. This is because of recent changes in the abilities of your loved one. If any of the following is taking place, it’s time to talk with the agency about adding personal care services Brentwood TN to the roster of home care services that are currently provided.

Increasing Mobility Issues

Until recently, your loved one was able to move around with relative freedom. Most of the time, there was no need for a cane or any other type of device. That’s not the case these days. More often than not, a cane or maybe even a walker is necessary.

This means the potential for falls is more likely. Opting to switch from a care giver who is in the house for a certain number of hours per day to a person who lives in the home would be a good idea.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

You’ve never known your loved one to be casual when it comes to personal hygiene. Bathing daily and brushing after means was a given. Lately, that’s not the way things have been.

Your loved one will sometimes accept limited help with bathing, but at other times resists any aid. The result is that baths are not always taken, and the teeth don’t get brushed as often. Having someone in the home that puts the loved one at ease and more open to receiving help with hygiene will take care of the issue.

Difficulty Getting Dressed

There’s been a few times when you noticed that the buttons on your loved one’s clothing were not aligned properly. Perhaps a zipper was not closed all the way. A shirt collar was askew rather than straight. This is unlike anything you have ever noticed about your loved one in the past.

The fact is that dressing is becoming more difficult for your loved one. Even when dressing slowly and with more deliberate action, things still don’t turn out right. Now is the time to look into the idea of personal care services Brentwood TN that include assistance with getting dressed.

A Loss of Dexterity

Your loved one’s ability to grip has changed over the last few months. It’s not just that the handshake is not as firm. There’s the issue of being able to hold things in the hands with ease. Books and magazines are harder to grip. The same is true with eating utensils.

Assistance may be the most practical answer. Someone who understands how a loss of dexterity impacts the ability to manage simple tasks can step in and help with them. That includes providing assistance with eating.

If some of the changes you see indicate a loss of ability, now is the time to talk with a home care professional. There’s a good chance that a few changes to the scope of the home care will ensure your loved one has the type of assistance that’s needed for this next phase of living.

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