Why FUT is the Best Decision to Receive the Hair Transplant Surgery

The hair transplant surgery is the best decision to get the original hair via the process of hair root transfer. The process of transferring the hair roots from the donor area is performed either by the FUT technique or through the FUE method of the hair restoration. The procedure involves the transferring process in which hair roots are extracted from the safe donor parts of the scalp that further implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp followed by the hair root dissection under the higher magnification of the microscopes. The final step of the procedure is about implanting that centrally based on the rules of the natural growth of hair in a particular irregular or zigzag pattern of the scalp. However, the hair transplant procedure is the perfect natural method performed in a cosmetic surgery manner to facilitate the original regrowth process of the hair roots.

The hair transplant in India comes under the budget-cost decision by which a patient can get the best advantages of the procedural benefits with all the relevant aspects of the procedure. The hair transplant cost in India is basically dependent on the number of grafts that usually ranges from 25-140 INR/. India is the hot spot destination for receiving the cost-effective cosmetic treatment adhered to the quality facilities of the safe, infection-free and a hassle-free surgical; procedure performed by the renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

First and foremost, it is important to know the process of FUT technique that gives the best outcomes in terms of a number of grafts, high-density results as well as the best survival of grafts during the extraction process.

The FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is the method that caters the hair root extraction via the strip excision from the occipital and parietal part of the scalp. The harvested part of the strip that involves simple incision and suture is sent to the dissection process where technicians dissect every single hair root under the higher magnification of the microscopes. Thus, the viable grafts are obtained that are finally implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp. In this way, the balding part gets covered with the hair roots via the FUT method gives the best outcomes.

Why FUT is the best decision to receive the Hair Transplant Procedure?

  1. The FUT Gives the viable Grafts to confirm the successful Implantation: The FUT hair transplant surgery gives the highest possibility of getting the viable grafts as the strip allowed the extraction. Therefore, the grafts are extracted with the surrounded connective or supportive tissue protect them from the unwanted desiccation and mechanical injuries lead to obtaining the best number of hair roots even in a quite single session. However, FUT transplant hair transplant is the best medium to get the restoration surgery along with the best cosmetic benefits.
  2. The Possibility of achieving the Higher number of Hair roots: The possibility of getting the highest number of hair roots is possible to the FUT hair transplant as the extraction is done through the strip of the skin contains a number of grafts. These all grafts presented in the strip can be possible to extract in a single time via the FUT method and a surgeon gets able to fulfil the need for the highest grade of baldness.
  3. The Permanent Hair Roots: Since the strip is targeted only from the back and sides of the scalp are DHT-resistant only provides the DHT-resistant roots that retain the characteristic of resistivity despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp or body hair loss is affected. However, the hair roots obtained via the FUT technique gives always the permanent results in the procedure.
  4. The Higher Graft Survival: There is a maximum chance of graft survival while extraction is performed because the roots are not directly extracted and the medium of the strip excision makes a surgeon able to decide the process of extraction according to the need and demand of the surgery. This is the strip that contains bunches of grafts in a single time and is extracted along with the supportive tissue; prevent them from unwanted damages and desiccation or mechanical injury. However, it is quite possible to get the highest chance of survival rate during the extraction process.



On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the best cosmetic results if performed by the expert hand of the surgeon having the ability to decide the particular technique as according to the present grade of baldness as well as the available donor status of the patient’s scalp.

Post Author: Nanci Pru