Tips for dealing with insomnia in a natural way

You would be surprised to know that sleeping disorder is very common in the developed world, and over 50 million people in America don’t get proper sleep at night. The reason for insomnia is usually multi-fold, and anyone can develop this disorder. Here are a few tips on how you can manage this disorder and get a goodnight’s sleep.

Manage your stress

Bad thoughts and stress are the prime reason behind insomnia. Unnecessary stress won’t make your life better, it will only cause harm in many ways. Practice yoga before going to bed. It reduces the stress level in the body. For goodnight’s sleep, try to keep work-life stress away from your personal life. In some cases, chronic pain can lead to stress.

Soak in sunlight

You may have not noticed but the sun plays a crucial role in our biological clock. It maintains our sleep cycle. Deprivation of sunlight can cause insomnia in many people. Therefore, spend an hour or two in sunlight, every morning. It will naturally fix your biological clock and give you a goodnight’s sleep.

Exercise in the morning

Exercise is one of the best ways to drain your extra energy and athletes recommend exercising in the morning. Exercise increases blood flow in your body, and exhaust you quickly. A good exercise schedule also maintains balance in your body and fix other disorders. However, in a study, scientists found that exercising in the evening keeps many people awake at night. Therefore, it’s important to exercise every day in the morning. Tearing a ligament on your knees is a very common injury to athletes, and will require you to visit an Atlanta chiropractic clinic.

Never take a nap

Day time naps can alter your sleep cycle. Even an hour-long nap in the afternoon can damage your sleep pattern at night. Throughout the day, make sure to keep yourself busy with various activities. Take a walk, engage in any interesting hobby or try other methods to keep you awake throughout the day.

Avoid coffee after dusk

Coffee contains caffeine, which helps you remain awake. It stimulates your hormone level and keeps you energized. You can utilize this property of caffeine, and use it for your advantage. Have a coffee in the morning and never drink it throughout the day, especially after 2 pm.

Avoid heavy meal at night

Heavy meals can cause stress in the digestion process and it may keep you awake all night long. Therefore, always avoid heavy meals at night, and never eat any junk food for dinner. Have your dinner at least three hours before bedtime, and try to make it the last meal of the day. Make sure your dinner makes you feel full for a long time because hunger can activate insomnia.

Keep your bedroom ventilated

Stingy moist room is not good for sleep; try to keep your bedroom well ventilated. Some time accumulation of carbon monoxide can cause a disturbance in sleep. To remove any bad smell from your bedroom use natural aromatic candles. Natural preservatives in these candles enhance sleep at night.

Fix your bed

Dirty bedsheets, worn-out pillows, and old mattresses can make sleeping uncomfortable. Evaluate the current condition of your bed, and change them if necessary. Currently, in the market, there are many options available for mattresses. These mattresses are designed for good night sleep. You can give them a try if the current condition of your bed is not suitable for a comfortable sleep.

Put down your mobile phone

The mobile phone is one of the main causes of insomnia. The constant news updates from these digital devices divert our attention and keep us awake at night. The screen of these devices also emits blue light, which distorts our sleep pattern. Light with a short wavelength (blue color) increases the melatonin level and amplify alertness in the brain. To get good night sleep, put down your digital devices an hour before bedtime.

Sometimes, Insomnia can be caused by other diseases. It can also occur as side effects of other medicines you take. Consult with a doctor and inform him about your health condition and the medicines you are already taking. He might change the medicines you are already consuming or prescribe you appropriate medicines for sleep. Insomnia can be very frustrating and sleepless nights will only tire you down in the morning. With a few lifestyle changes and medical help, you can have your good night’s sleep back with peace of mind.

Post Author: Nanci Pru