Questions To Ask Your Hormone Therapist

Hormone therapy is, no doubt, one of the most effective ways through which a patient can get relief from their hormonal condition. As much us this is a service mostly found in a hospital setting, this may not always be the case. When it comes to finding the right physician to help you deal with the condition, therefore, it is important that you take your time to ensure that you get the best hormone therapist in Orlando. This will involve getting to know what to look out for in hormone therapy physician. Here are six questions you will need to ask before settling on the right hormone therapy specialist.

What are your qualifications?

Just like any other general practitioner, it is always important that you determine the expertise of your hormone therapist. This will give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with someone who understands their craft and will work with you in utmost professionalism. Some of the factors you may need to consider in this case are his specialty, experience, and certifications acquired thus far. In most cases, you will find the answer to most of these questions from the physician’s website or portfolio. However, if this is not available, you may opt to ask the questions directly.

How updated are you on the latest medical advancements?

Hormone replacement is a constantly evolving service and thus needs practitioners to keep up with new advancement in the field. In this case, it is important that your therapist remains updated in latest news and developments in the field. This will ensure that you get the most appropriate treatment based on your condition at that time. Take your time to ask your therapist about his recent research activity in terms of further studies, conferences or seminars.

What do you expect from your therapist?

Notably, hormone therapy becomes more effective if you take your time to evaluate your life as a whole. As such, it is important to ask your therapist a few questions regarding their expectations on you as the patient. Usually, a good therapist will give your suggestions on how best you can take care of your diet, and the right exercise to go for. He or she should be in a position to help you realize the various factors that contribute to your low estrogen or testosterone levels.

How will you find the right hormones for me?

When it comes to hormone therapy, you may either need hormone replacement or none at all depending on your condition at that time. As such, it is important that your therapist fully explains the circumstances that may necessitate you to get hormone replacement or better still, why you did need to. Your physician will be able to fully access your condition after looking at your lifestyle, medical history, and eating habits.

What type of hormones do you use?

A good hormone therapist understands that the best hormone replacements are those that are identical to the ones that exist naturally in your body. This will ensure that the body fully recognizes them and use it just like your real hormones. In this case, this would simply mean getting bio-identical hormones.

As much as other hormone therapists would opt for synthetic hormones, these would only offer short term fixes and may lead to serious side effects.

Whatever the case, always ensure that you feel the right connection with your doctor. This will ensure that you stay comfortable through the whole process. Remember; always strive to get a second opinion even when you feel you have found the right therapist.

Post Author: Nanci Pru