Pro Tips to Lose Weight While Building Muscle

Losing weight while building muscle mass is possible. All you need is a well-planned exercise routine and a well-balanced and healthy diet to back it up. So, how well can you achieve this feat of killing two birds with one stone?

Set Targets and Work Towards Achieving Them

Most people overlook this step. Well, if you want to set the ball rolling, you should have established goals on what you want to achieve. Setting a target will help create a sense of accountability within you. Besides, it will give you that reason to avoid eating a bag of fries or other unhealthy foods. Keep looking forward to the next training session.

Do not just dream about the change; be the change.

Change Your Eating Habits

For efficient fat loss, your metabolism needs to be high at all times to burn the extra calories. You can achieve this by breaking down your meals into smaller portions and eating smaller meals more frequently. Eating only two or three times a day slows your metabolic rate. Additionally, skipping meals will trigger your body to preserve fats as a way of protection.

Your meals should have high-protein foods, average carbs and a small amount of fats. Proteins help build muscles. Carbs are energy sources for the body while fats provide protection and some amount of energy too. You can use mineral and vitamin supplements to complement your meals. Nonetheless, the supplements should not be a replacement for your meals.

Cardio Workouts

A lot of calorie burning takes place during high-intensity cardio workouts. Additionally, this type of exercise also triggers afterburn, which causes your body to still burn extra calories even while you are at rest.

For your cardio routine, warm up for 5 minutes. Follow the warm-up with a 20-minute high-intensity workout. Next, close the session with a cool-down routine. During the session push your body to the limit. You should take part in exercises that involve the movement of major muscle groups.

Weight Training

Unlike cardio workouts, weight training does not burn a substantial amount of fat. In fact, weight training helps you shed extra fat in the future. When you pack on a decent amount of muscle mass, your body uses more energy to maintain itself.

This means that even when you are relaxing your body is still burning fat. Weightlifting exercises will help trigger muscle growth and boost your bone strength.

Gradually Increase Your Weight

Well, you should not increase your body weight, but you should increase the weights you lift at the gym. As we have discussed earlier, building muscle increases your afterburn. To make progress, gradually increase your load during training. Remember you should start with the lighter weights if you are a beginner to avoid injuring yourself.

While training, remember to keep your sessions short but intense. This will help you make substantial gains both in your weight-loss and muscle-building journey.

Stay Hydrated

If you are in a high-intensity training routine, it is vital that you drink lots of water. Water helps in your post-workout recovery. Besides, it also reduces sore muscles during your next training session.  

Post Author: Nanci Pru