Importance to say hello page on the website

The contact us page where you contact the company from plays a vital role for your website visitors to become your customer. This is the page which makes it easy for the website visitor to reach your business easily. Nowadays we see that there is only one contact form on the contact us page. But only to add a contact form in your website is not sufficient. It is required to add other details and make the page effective.

If you want more users to get in touch with you instead that they will change their mind at the last moment you should have proper contact us page or say hello page. This page is one of the essential pages of your website. It plays an integral part of the web site allowing users, customers, investors, and also advertisers to get in contact with you easily. As a business owner, having a contact us page converts the users into potential customers for your business. People can contact you by various means of sending you an email, writing your letter or perhaps calling on the number provided by you on the page.

Since users today have mobile phones and net connectivity, you can also et their contact number and store in your database making it easier to reach them when required.

Which details are essential for contact us page?

Generally, on the contact, us page some company owners include the basic information such as the name of the company, physical head office address, email address and phone numbers. Some of them also include the inquiry form for the users if they want to request some information from the company.

Also, it’s very important that you should have an easy access to the contact us page from the home page. Many times it so happens that the button to open the contact us page is right at the bottom, which makes it difficult for the visitors to find it and they get disappointed. Some other website they place the button on the top header menu on the home page this is where it should lie so that it is easy to be found and also to be used by the user.

Never forget to put the social media widgets on the contact us page this will make it easy for the visitor to also o to the social media pages and like your page or perhaps to a tweet. These ways you will be benefited by their action.

Some design improvements of the contact us page are:

  • Make the page error free which is responsible to create negative impression on visitors
  • Make it easy to find and submit the query form.
  • Design should be impressive and user-friendly
  • Should have presence of brand
  • Your website should be responsive so that people can do all the contacts from mobile phones also and say hello to the company.
  • Google map to show the location is a must to show exact location of the customers.

Post Author: Nanci Pru