How To Choose Dog Breed For Yourself?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to many things today, but when it comes to choosing another part of the family, some people prefer to go with their gut. Well, in any case, you should make sure that when you are choosing a dog, that you have a good vet in your pocket as well.

While going with your gut might work in some cases, the best thing to do is use logic. You need to pick the breed of dog that suits your lifestyle the best. Since dogs tend to be quite energetic, if you prefer to lead a rather lazy lifestyle, then you might want to get a cat instead.

Learn more about dog breeds before getting a random breed

Characteristics of the dog

The first thing you need to look into is the characteristics of your new family member, because while breed characters do vary a lot, since all dogs will have their own characters, some things will never change. For example, Chihuahuas will always stay angry at the world while Labrador’s will never grow up; not in a literal sense.

The dog breed you select should be the one that fits you perfectly, and that means that the dog should fit your lifestyle. As it was said, they tend to be very energetic, but not all of them. There are a couple of breeds that prefer to chill as well, but all of them still enjoy casual walks.

A dog’s purpose

Some people get a dog with a special purpose in mind. You have surely heard of therapy dogs or dogs for the blind, and if this is why you are getting a dog, you need to know which breed suits you the best. There are so many different dogs out there, but not all of them are meant for all tasks. In all cases, you should visit Gordon Vet Hospital at for your pet.

Different Sizes

As we all know, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and while that might sound funny, it is important to know how much you can handle. Keep in mind that just because a dog is small, does not mean that he does not require that much care. In addition, just because a dog is huge, does not mean he necessarily needs a lot more exercise than the rest of the bunch.

Your daily activities

If you are somebody who leads an active life, then you should get a dog that loves to live like that as well. This means that a dog who loves to go for walks, runs and play fetch, since that dog will keep you healthy as well. But if your lifestyle requires minimum movement, you might want to settle with a different pet altogether.

If you are a couch potato who loves to stay at home, you might want to consider getting a cat

Living arrangements

There are many people who live in an apartment and own a dog, and while dogs would be much happier with a yard, if you walk your dog on a daily basis, you can pull this off. According to vets at, you just need to give your dog the amount of exercise he needs, otherwise, you might end up with daily messes in the apartment.

Final word

There are so many dog breeds out there, that it might be difficult to choose just one. However, when you are picking your breed, you might think about the dog’s instincts more than their looks only. Every breed has a different character/personality but their characterizes tend to be the same.

Post Author: Nanci Pru