How Stem Cell Therapy Helps to Fight Skin Aging

When looking for the most effective treatments for skin aging, the possibilities are overwhelming. Among others, one of the most promising is a stem cell face lift. Read the rest of this post to know more about how it works and what it does to fight the visible signs of skin aging.

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What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

This therapy uses stem cells derived from a variety of sources, including the brain, blood, blood vessels, bone marrow, liver, skin, umbilical cord, and skeletal muscles, among others. According to Mayo Clinic, stem cell therapy is all about promoting repair response of injured tissues through the use of healthy stem cells or their derivatives. These cells are implanted to the patient. For instance, if it is used for the treatment of a heart disorder, it will be injected to the heart.

While stem cell therapy comes handy in a number of health conditions, one way it can help is through fighting skin aging. It is non-surgical and does not have any downtime, making it promising for those who do not want to go under knives and scalpels. Even if you have a low pain threshold, this is an excellent skin treatment since it won’t hurt.

Different clinics have different sources of stem cells used for this treatment. For the best outcomes, choose those that are from an umbilical cord. It promises to turn back the hands of time by giving your skin a radiant glow. They are potent and young, unlike the stem cells that are derived from other sources, including those from bone marrow or those that are fat-harvested. According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, umbilical cord stem cells are also great because of their high regenerative power and low potential to transmit viral diseases.

How Does Stem Cell Benefit the Skin?

In one study published in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, the author notes that stem cells aid in skin repair, especially in the regeneration of tissues. Although, the same study warrants the need for more researches in the future to study the impact of stem cells in fighting skin aging.

During the stem cell therapy, the stem cells are injected to the problem areas of the skin or the portions that suffer from inflammation. The stem cells are administered through intradermal injections to rejuvenate the face and the neck. It creates a new cellular framework that dramatically rejuvenates the skin. The effects of the treatment can last up to three years.

Indeed, stem cell therapy is a promising treatment to combat skin aging. It is still relatively new compared to other skin treatments. Nonetheless, since stem cell has been used in many other health problems and conditions, you can be confident that it will be equally great for the skin.

Post Author: Nanci Pru