Cures for Tinnitus

Tinnitus affects millions of people each year, in fact, almost 15 percent of the population. Of those people, nearly 40 percent live with chronic symptoms with a lesser amount dealing with severe symptoms.

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is frequent or continuous ringing in the ear that only the person who has it can hear. However, it can present itself differently each time. Some experience it as a constant hum, as static or even as a buzzing sound. Regardless of your sound and frequency, it can have an effect on your quality of life.

Causes of Tinnitus

In most cases, Tinnitus develops as a result of exposure to significantly loud noises for extended periods of time. When this happens repeatedly, sensitive sensory hair cells found in the ear die off and cause damage to the inner ear. This then produces a hearing loss which can contribute to recurring tinnitus. Other factors such as age, a serious neck injury, chronic ear infections and even some types of medications can also bring on tinnitus.

Treatment Options

There is no cure yet for tinnitus. However, the good news is that there are a variety of tinnitus relief options available, with many showing positive signs. Depending on your severity, sound therapy, counseling and medications may help you deal with the constant ringing. Sound therapy is common among people who deal with the condition on a daily basis. Introducing another sound into the body can help to reduce the tinnitus or at the very least distract you from it.

White noise from a fan, air conditioner or noise machine can offset the ringing in your hear long enough for you to fall asleep. If you also have hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid can also prove beneficial. Those who experience high pitches or uninterrupted sounds in the ear, a masking device designed to mirror the look of an actual hearing aid may work better. There are a few medications that work to relieve symptoms. However, since there are a number of possible side effects, generally your doctor will not recommend them unless, of course, your condition is in a severe category.

Alternative, Natural Remedies

If you prefer to try doing something natural acupuncture and supplements may prove your best option for dealing with the constant ringing. Acupuncture is often used to alleviate pain from a serious illness and relax the body. However, it also stimulates the nerves in the body which then send the signal to your brain. While there are many theories on why it helps including a possible regeneration of new cells, doctors do agree it works.


If you have symptoms daily that affect your ability to perform your job, socialize and sleep, speaking to a counselor can help you vent and release your bottled feelings. Life can be difficult with a high pitch sound dominating everything from watching television to focusing on learning something new. Speak with a therapist can help you open up and express your pain and anguish. The therapist may even offer some advice on how to learn to deal with it versus how to get rid of it.

For many people living with tinnitus is a way of life. Thankfully, there are tinnitus relief options available providing you with various ways to reduce its presence so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Post Author: Nanci Pru