Common Injuries For Runners And How To Prevent Them

Running is quite a serious sport, and getting an injury is inevitable. No matter how much experience, and how much preparation can one have, there is always a risk of injury, and here are some of the common ones, and the best ways to prevent them.

Runner’s Knee

While dedication and hard work usually give the best results in sports, overdoing things will always have a negative impact. Like everything else in life, training should also be done in moderation, and the results are going to come with consistency.

Even the best podiatrists near Rozelle like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry suggest that you shouldn’t overuse your knees as you will suffer from this injury as all of that cartilage is going to wear down. Some of the symptoms of the runner’s knee is pain when you are going downstairs, when you are squatting, or just sitting with your knee being bent for a longer time.

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Shin splint

Just like in the previous case, overworking is not good for your body, especially when you decide to change your workout. Usually, when someone starts a workout routine, they often start slow and build up the phase. However, one of the most common mistakes is to insert new routines into that workout and do them at the exact phase you are used to doing the other ones.

Shin splints often happen because of this very reason. What makes this tricky is that the shin split will often feel like it is just stressed, but then the next day, even if the rest of your body is fine, you will still feel pain in your shin, which will require you to visit a doctor, and probably get an x-ray.

Plantaris Fasciitis

Many beginner runners use their everyday shoes when they decide to go running, and this can cause the common inflammation of the plantar fascia as the shoes are not perfect for your foot. The best way to prevent this injury is to simply get a pair of custom orthotics if you can afford them, and if not, at least consult with your local podiatrist about which shoes you should get for running.


Probably one of the most common injuries out there for runners or anyone who is into sports that involve moving around a lot are blisters. While these are not really that serious of an injury as they will relatively quickly heal, preventing them is still a very good idea.

According to foot specialists Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, the best way to prevent blisters follows the similar idea of the solution for plantar inflammation, which is to get custom orthotics. Since your foot will perfectly match the orthotics, there will be no room for friction, which will remove blisters completely, unless you decide to overdo your exercise.

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Final Word

The majority of injuries can be prevented, and most of the injuries are there because of the shoes you are using, and the way you are doing your exercises. In order to get the best results without any injuries on your journey to becoming a running champion, it is always the best idea to consult your local podiatrist and ask them for advice.

Post Author: Nanci Pru