Ceramic Implants- Are they better than Titanium Implants?

When considering the replacement of the tooth, there are lot many factors to consider. Dental implants are the big step towards oral health so everybody wants to consider the best and the least toxic one. It is also important to calculate the strength and the clinical success factors before deciding which implant to choose in the best cosmetic dentist Toronto.

Zirconia Oxide Ceramics:

Zirconia implants are alternatives to Titanium implants. Discovered in 1789, Zirconia is very hard and white colored ceramic-like material. It is very much similar to human teeth in color. Zirconium oxide or also often called as Zirconia was approved by USFDA in 2007.  Its color and biocompatibility thus make it the most suitable material in cosmetic dentistry. Cubic zirconia is used as a substitute for diamond in making jewelry. Zirconia oxide is a hard structure and is denser. It looks like well-polished natural teeth.

Ceramics Implants- Popular in cosmetic dentistry

Though Zirconium atomic structure is 40 and comes in the category of the transition metal, its combination with the oxide changes its composition and behavior. Therefore, Zirconia Oxide combination is not a metal. Being white and teeth like color, zirconia oxide ceramic implants are gaining popularity in dentistry. They are also believed to have better aesthetic value as compared to Titanium implants because of the same reason.

Advantages of Zirconia Implants:

1)    Corrosion free:

Ceramic implants are corrosion free. They do not corrode when they come in contact with an acid like after eating fruits and sugars.  Metal titanium implants are comparatively less resistant and corrode with time. The titanium also sheds ions which can be harmful to the body and loosen the teeth and the metal bonding.

2)    Non-Allergic:

Titanium implants shed ions when dissolved in the body. They then act as foreign substances and can cause allergies. Such type of allergic reactions is not found with ceramic implants.

3)    Durable and stronger:

Zirconia oxide implants or ceramic implants develop a stronger bond with the surrounding bone. They also have a longer life as compared to titanium implants. The ceramic implants also require very little maintenance and are stronger and durable than metal implants.

4)    No inflammation:

Zirconia implants don’t cause local inflammation like pain and swelling of the gums and mouth. They are well accepted by the human body.

Ceramic Implants- Easy and comfortable experience:

1)    Ceramic implants offer easy chewing and put exact biting pressure that is required.

2)    They are more comfortable with your jaw

3)    Ceramic implants do not accumulate plaque and therefore, is bacteria free.

4)    Natural teeth like color give more aesthetic value to your face and smile

5)    They give a better speech quality.

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Post Author: Nanci Pru