Ceramic Implants- Are they better than Titanium Implants?

When considering the replacement of the tooth, there are lot many factors to consider. Dental implants are the big step towards oral health so everybody wants to consider the best and the least toxic one. It is also important to calculate the strength and the clinical success factors before deciding which implant to choose in […]

Treatment for Lower Back Pain Explained by Specialist Pain Clinic Experts

When it comes to handling lower back pain singapore treatment, not all would be able to handle the treatment in the right manner for lack of knowledge. However, that is not the case for a patient undergoing treatment at specialist pain international clinic. The clinic would ensure that the patient has been made aware of […]

Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

Finding yourself tired early on in the day or quick to stress are classic examples of symptoms we mistake for a bad day. It is easy to spend weeks and months feeling glum, or more so than usual, and not realise that this is not our happy medium. We are more inclined to prioritise work […]