Hamstring Injuries and the ‘Miracle’ of PRP Therapy

Dr. Lewis G. Maharam, a well-known sports medicine expert and media personality, frequently addresses injuries suffered by runners. After all, he is known as the Running DocTM. In a recent column published by the New York Daily News, he addressed treatments for hamstring injuries, including PRP therapy. The article was facilitated by a runner hoping […]

Suggested Treatments for Severe Back Pain

Life in Singapore is very hectic and you cannot afford problems like back pain hurting your daily routine. You must not let the pain linger and before it is too late, you must visit a specialist for back pain treatment Singapore. The effective treatments for back pain may include medicines, antidepressants, and exercises at initial […]

Don’t blame the skin, rather choose best products

The moment someone ask you why you are not dressed up well for the party, then you would immediately start blaming your skin. Rather than expressing the grief that none of the makeup products are good on your skin, you could use the cleanser for sensitive skin that keeps the skin clean. No more chances […]

Get your hair loss  treatment in Homeopathy

Today people are trying a variety of treatments for hair loss as hair loss has become one of the common problems among individuals residing on this earth. There is a variety of reasons for individuals losing hair. Hair loss can be a result of heart disease and if you are suffering from diabetes mellitus. Hair […]

How to Deal with Oily Hair

Oily hair and hair goals are arch enemies and for good reason. Greasy hair can ruin a look and turn hair into a flat, stringy mess. Apart from being an eyesore, greasy hair feels gross and doesn’t smell the best, and if left unchecked, it only gets worse. Luckily, we’re here to give you the […]

8 Common Causes of Hip Pain in Men and Women

If you didn’t have a fully functional hipbone, standing, walking and dancing wouldn’t be possible, which is why life can become difficult once you start experiencing hip pain. A healthy hip has enough fluid within the ball and socket to allow for continuous motion and to counteract wear and tear. Unfortunately, the hip joint isn’t […]

How to Stop Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment

Hair loss or baldness pattern is something that nobody wants to experience. It is not a gender specific problem; however, all the cases of baldness, the number of men is far more than women. This unwanted condition can happen due to several reasons. As far as hair loss treatment is concerned, you have several options […]

How to Grow Your Eyelashes Faster?

Usually, every woman or grown-up girl desires for longer and fuller eyelashes but unfortunately, all of them are not so lucky in this regard. The fall and undergrowth of eyelashes are the major obstacles in this process. However, you can reverse this trend with the help of Careprost Eye Drops. Experts widely recommend Careprost eyelash […]

Dental Problems You Need To Be Aware Of As You Get Older

As you get older, your body goes through various changes which can lead to several oral health issues. The health of your mouth is as essential as the health of your heart and brain. In fact, studies show that poor oral health can lead to health problems like heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. The […]