Principia BioPharma turns to public funding to propel new drug into the market

An increasing number of healthcare startups are getting on board with one of the latest trends to hit the industry – going public to finance and further develop novel therapeutics. Following the footsteps of Entasis Therapeutics, Principia BioPharma goes public and intends to push the company’s BTK inhibitor, which is currently in phase 2 trials, […]

Don’t Fight Your Skin Type – Work with It Instead

We have a bad habit of looking at the things we don’t like about ourselves and automatically assuming those things are bad. This bad habit is easily observed in skincare. If you are not convinced, just do an internet search on skin types. You will see all sorts of articles implying that certain skin types […]

MDLIVE Raises $50 Million in Funding Round 

Florida based telehealth firm, MDLIVE has raised $50 million in its latest round of funding, which it says it will use for its continued expansion. The digital transformation of healthcare is much needed as the rise of chronic disease continues to plague America. According to renowned cardiologist, Simon Stertzer, taking care of heart health is […]

Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Try for Better Looking Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on the body. It’s purpose, is to protect the internal organs and body parts from injury, illness, and disease. When taken care of, the skin does an effective job on keeping your body safe. However, unhealthy skin loses its ability to shield you from getting hurt or falling ill. […]

Buy a comprehensive clinic software

Data collection in the network database is more secure and safe. As your study grows, you can upgrade and add more module to your system. There are many different types of medical clinical software (MCS) to help private clinic doctors and clinical managers and managers manage their offices. Today, workflow environment day is one of […]

Common Injuries For Runners And How To Prevent Them

Running is quite a serious sport, and getting an injury is inevitable. No matter how much experience, and how much preparation can one have, there is always a risk of injury, and here are some of the common ones, and the best ways to prevent them. Runner’s Knee While dedication and hard work usually give […]

When Is Tummy Tuck And Other Skin Tightening Procedures A Good Option?

Loose skin and wrinkles come with old age. That’s something that everyone knows at the back of their minds. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone should take it sitting down. Especially those who are seeing signs of old age while still in their prime. The body starts to lose its regular capacity to produce as […]

How To Choose Dog Breed For Yourself?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to many things today, but when it comes to choosing another part of the family, some people prefer to go with their gut. Well, in any case, you should make sure that when you are choosing a dog, that you have a good vet in your pocket […]

5 Must-Dos When Estate Planning

Getting old is all part of life and though it has its perks, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with becoming part of old-age crew. From contacting senior placement agencies to find a caring residence to dealing with health issues, there’s a lot to face as we get older. One thing that many seniors […]

Health Benefits Involved in Consuming Medical Marijuana

Discussing medical marijuana is always considered to be sensitive. In the endless battle of opposing views among everyone around you, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed by the sensationalism of media and the hyperboles. Unluckily, this signifies that people who make the most of the medical marijuana by its miraculous benefits, people who suffer […]