Three Important Reasons Not to Let your Kids Depend Heavily on Juices

Juices are easy to make and kids love them. However, experts say that juices are not as healthy as whole fruits. Although some juices contain vitamins and other essential nutrients in whole fruits, too much of juices in your children’s diet can result in some unbeneficial habits. If you are like some parents, you juice up your fresh fruits before they lose their freshness. But, did you know that frozen fruits are as healthy as their fresh counterparts? Frozen fruits like blueberries have the promises of fresh whole fruits and kids love their taste.

When compared with other preserved foods, frozen blueberries from a reputable frozen blueberries supplier don’t contain any additives and preservatives. The only contain their original nutrients and are exposed to just cool air instead of chemicals. It is not for children to drink fresh juices at all but there are some reasons they are not the best option for your little ones. Read on to know these reasons:

Juices Make them Crave for More Sugar

Experts say that what you eat and drink as a child usually sticks with you when you grow up. For instance, consuming sugary foods or beverages from the moment your child begins to use sippy cups can leave them developing a habit that is not easy to break. This reduces their likelihood to prefer water over their colored drinks.

Kids May Consume More Calories in Juices

Many juices contain servings of fruits. But, although this is promising, studies reveal that kids who heavily depend on fruit in liquid forms may end up consuming more calories every day than they need. While your little one loves the taste, they only drink plenty of sugar water rather than getting the nutrients that whole fruit offers.

Juices Cannot Beat the Benefits of Whole Fruits

No matter how you slice the fruits you want to juice up, juices don’t promise the same benefits as whole fruits. Usually, juices contain less protein and fiber and are usually higher in sugar. This means that they are less filling, leaving children wanting for more. Fortunately, frozen blueberries and other fruits have the delicious taste children crave and the nutrition they need.

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