The Health Benefits of Drinking RO Water

RO or Reverse Osmosis is a water purification technique used by various water purifiers in the market. RO purification is used to get rid of all kinds of impurities in brackish water or the municipal water supply provided at each of our homes. Water purifiers that use RO for purification are considered the best as they remove all the hard-to-remove impurities from water and provide pure water for drinking. Here are few of the top health benefits of drinking water purified by an RO purifier:

Free from Hard Salts:

Hard salts are the worst kind of salts for the human body. These are mainly salts with Magnesium and Calcium as positive ions. They cannot be properly digested due to which they accumulate in the kidney to cause problems like kidney stones and other cardiovascular problems. RO process is known to remove hard salts from water quickly and efficiently. The water passes through a semipermeable RO membrane and comes out pure. The hard salts are unable to pass the membrane.

No Heavy Metal Impurities:

Heavy metal might seem harmless at first, but the adverse after-effects include cancer, dementia, and even death! Only RO purification is capable of removing heavy metal impurities from water. To ensure that your RO purifier removes all heavy metal impurities from water, you should change the filter once every twelve months. The water filter price isn’t too high, so it is better to replace with original filters only. Some heavy metals that are considered as impurities are arsenic, lead, mercury etc. and all of them can cause cancer or serious nervous disorders.

Essential Minerals:

Many RO purifiers come with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Controller. This is a water purity rating in terms of the number of solids that are dissolved in the water being tested. The government has set a range of 50 PPM – 500 PPM for TDS of drinking water. These TDS controllers ensure that the water stays in this range. This means not all dissolved solids are removed by the RO membrane. Some essential salts and minerals make their way into the water. These minerals make the water way healthier than purely distilled water as it maintains the level of electrolytes in water. Therefore, RO purified water is way healthier when compared to normal drinking water.

Free from Disease-Causing Pathogens and Chlorine Poisoning:

An RO purified drinking water isn’t just purified by an RO membrane. All RO purifiers have at least one more filter along with the RO filter. These filters can be activated carbon filters, UF membrane filters or UV lamps. The filters help make water even purer. Activated carbon filters are used to remove chlorine-based impurities that are added to water to keep it free from waterborne pathogens. The UF membrane is a 0.3 micron thick membrane that doesn’t let anything above that size pass through it. This includes all the pathogens present in water. It is a gravity-based purifier. The UV lamps emit UV radiation and as soon as water is exposed to it, the viruses and bacteria in the water perish. Therefore, RO water is free not only from dissolved solids, but also disease-causing pathogens.

These are a few health benefits of drinking RO water. RO is a revolutionary technology and it has made the drinking water in our homes and offices safe. To be safe from any kind of disease, always drink water that is purified by an RO or equivalent purifier.