The Benefits Of Availing Yoga Teacher Training In India

Summary: Read the article to find out the benefits of availing Yoga TTC in India.

India has been at the center of global Yoga map since the holistic science originated here in the Himalayas. Yoga’s popularity has crossed numerous frontiers and oceans in the past few decades, thanks to its extensive benefits that cover mental, physical as well as the emotional aspects of a human life. The South Asian country witnesses a horde of international Yoga enthusiasts who come to absorb the yogic gifts of the nation in its original form.

Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga TTC is one of the most popular programs in the Yoga world. The training event entitles one with a certificate that makes you eligible to teach Yoga globally at a refined level, provided it is Yoga Alliance Certified. Thousands of people from around the globe resort to Yoga Teacher Training every year in the quest of attaining the highest quality of Yoga education. While the teacher training programs are offered worldwide, in almost all the countries, people have got this unexpected headache of choosing the best one. Here, we are providing some of the reasons why you should prefer India and what special you get in the beautiful nation when it comes to availing Yoga Teacher Training.

Training under well-versed teachers

There is no doubt in the fact that Yoga’s birthplace is home to many Yoga masters. In India, you find Yoga Gurus who have learned the yogic science in the proximity of Yoga’s origin. The best thing about Indian Yoga teachers is that they go deep into the layers of Yoga and spirituality to explore the holistic science in detail. Getting trained under such knowledgeable personalities offers you a wide understanding and skill of yoga.

 Knowledge of classical Yoga

Every Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is famous for the training of traditional Yoga. The beauty of Indian Yoga programs lies in the fact that they follow the proper yogic curriculum based on ancient Yoga. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Laya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, etc. are the classical Yoga forms that are taken into account for the training programs. All Indian Yoga programs fulfill the standards set by Yoga Alliance by including the spiritual components. If you want to learn the original version of Yoga, there is no better place than India.

 A Diverse range of natural settings and climate

From picturesque vegetation to scenic mountains and from breathtaking rivers to stunning beaches, India boasts everything that makes Yoga practice an ultimate delight. It is the dream of every yogi to practice on the serene trails of the Himalayas and by the Ganges. Throughout the country, one can find beautiful locations where Yoga teacher training courses are held. Apart from the attractive natural sites, India is blessed with diverse weather conditions.

 A blend of Yoga and Ayurveda

According to the ancient yogic texts, a person cannot be regarded as a full-fledged yogi until he/she masters the Ayurvedic discipline. It is Ayurveda that sponsors sattvic food and sustainable living in the life of the yogis. The inclusion of Ayurveda in India’s Yoga TTC programs stands them apart from other places’ events. Along with Yoga, Ayurveda also took birth in India. The naturally curative and restorative effects of this science are clearly evident in Yoga Teacher Training programs in India. Various Yoga schools in the country have Ayurveda in their curriculum that adds perfectly to the all-round development of the students. The knowledge of Ayurveda completes the training in a complete yet subtle manner.

Yoga Teacher Training in India has enormous benefits over TTCs in other places as we saw above. Over and above, it can be argued that the best is found near the source and India is the genesis of the Yogic Science. In addition to the Yoga Alliance certificate and extensive knowledge, the memories that get created during the Yoga programs in India are amazing and an experience to look forward to. If you have made up your mind to become proficient in the holistic science, India is undoubtedly the ideal spot to be.

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