The Advantages of Urgent Care Centers over Emergency Rooms

In the U.S, there are over 7,000 urgent care centers. With this huge number, choosing the right urgent care center that suits your medical needs can be overwhelming. The urgent care centers have seen a significant growth in the last few years owing to their affordability, convenience, and quick service.

Urgent care centers such as urgent care Royal Oak are usually mistaken for emergency rooms, but urgent care centers treat minor diseases such as cuts, flu, cough, sexually transmitted diseases [STIs], etc. ER, on the other hand, deals with serious diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc.

The following are some of the advantages of urgent care centers over emergency rooms.

  1. They take almost all insurance

Medical care can be quite expensive, even if you have insurance. This is why urgent care centers accept insurances because they don’t want you to get a shocking bill at the end of treatment or bills that may make you dig deeper into your pockets. Just visit any urgent care center, or you can give them a call to ask them if your insurance cover is included in their list. It is essential for almost all urgent care centers to accept various insurance plans.

  1. They are affordable

Insurance play a vital role in determining the cost when one wants to pay for the urgent care services. Even though there are many ERs which can end up giving you a huge bill. Urgent care centers are aware that emergency care can be expensive, and that’s why they try to lower down their bills. Selecting urgent care which has a pharmacy can also make you to get a reasonably priced prescription for the essential medications. This can help you a lot, especially if you are paying for the medication out of your pocket.

  1. You get served faster

Urgent care centers strive to offer great convenience to their patients. Nobody wants to walk into an urgent center and wait for a longer time before they can see a doctor or health practitioner. Majority of the urgent care centers have electronic medical records [EMR] which makes it easy for the staff to check the patient’s records and access the records of the other nurses or specialists. This, therefore, makes it easy and quicker to treat the patients and reduce the time that patients wait to see the doctor.

  1. You can easily get connected with your main doctor

When selecting an urgent care center, you should choose one that has both the basic and special care services; it should offer smooth follow-ups, more effective care, and fewer test over time.

The integrated system should be able to allow patients to gain access to their medical records and their results electronically. The urgent care center staffs should also be able to connect patients with the doctors who offer the services that meet their medical needs and share their records with the doctors, specialists, pharmacists, acupuncturists, sports doctors, etc.

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