Nutritional Diet Plan for People Suffering from Mesothelioma

Cancer patients usually suffer from fatigue, nausea, etc, because of the lower immunity problem. This can be because of many reasons such as lack of nutritious diet, low levels of protein and even calories in the body, and so on.

If you have a cancer patient at home or a relative or a friend is suffering from any kind of cancer, then it is suggested to help them have a balanced and nutritious diet to withstand the painful treatment procedures. Apart from the pain of the tumor development, there are many other kinds of pain that their body has to bear while on or after the treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapies, and so on.

For successfully maintaining a healthy weight, tolerate the treatment procedures and also to fight off the infection that is caused because of the cancerous development in the body, the patients are suggested to strictly follow healthy diet and also to never forget to add nutritious supplements in their daily food intake.

Food Items to Eat before the Mesothelioma Treatment

According to Aratika Cancer Trust, one of the most opted cancer treatment centers in the US, patients who are on healthy diet can successfully withstand all the painful procedures that are suggested for cancer patients. Apart from eating vegetables, fruits and even whole grains, they might feel tired or down because of the treatment. Here are some of the tips for people who are about to undergo radiation treatments.

  • Eat different food types, as there are higher chances of your taste buds becoming numb or hyperactive after the treatment.
  • Food items that are plant based such as dried beans and peas are actually the most suggested food items.
  • Reduce or even completely stop the consumption of alcohol, as it may cause negative reaction in the body, after the chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

  • Add vegetables and fruits of five different colors, in your daily diet. Adding yellow and dark green vegetables is a must, as they are rich in the nutritional substances known as phytochemicals.
  • Reduce the intake of food items that are salt-cured, pickled or even smoked.
  • Try to keep your body healthy by indulging in some physical activities all the time.

During the Treatment for Mesothelioma

When you are on the treatment procedure, it is suggested to follow the below mentioned tips for maintaining normal body weight.

  • Never eat forcefully. Eat only when you feel like eating something.
  • Don’t eat especially when you ate nauseous. This can reduce your appetite even when you are feeling fine.
  • Don’t force hard food into your body system. Instead find such food items that can be easily digested.
  • Don’t force extra servings, just because the food is delicious. Divide your food intake five to six times a day, instead of filling up with just two or three meals a day.

Mesothelioma patients suffering from chronic pain usually do not feel like eating anything before or after the cancer treatment. If you have a cancer patient at home or in friend or family circle, then make sure that you provide psychological support to them instead of making them feel down or depressed all the time.