How to Stop Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment

Hair loss or baldness pattern is something that nobody wants to experience. It is not a gender specific problem; however, all the cases of baldness, the number of men is far more than women. This unwanted condition can happen due to several reasons. As far as hair loss treatment is concerned, you have several options to choose from. Remember that there is no 100% guarantee to reverse the condition completely after using a particular treatment. It is true that the availability of hair care products online has made it easier to access them. So, find the best treatment that suits you and is perfect to prevent the baldness pattern.

Symptoms of Baldness:

There are various signs and symptoms that let you identify the problem of hair loss or baldness pattern. Sometimes, you experience a gradual fall of hair, leading towards the creation of a baldness pattern. It can also happen for a short period of time when you lose most of the hair strands. You can identify this problem much earlier by experiencing some symptoms such as:

  • Visibility of patchy bald spots on the scalp

If you see the patchy bald spots are taking place on the scalp, it could be a sign of baldness pattern. Whether it is circular, patchy, sharp, or coin-sized bald spots in the initial stage, it can lead to pattern baldness sooner or later. You have to take a hair loss treatment at earliest to combat this problem.

  • Hair thinning

Thinning and falling of hair is a precursor of pattern baldness in most of the cases and it can happen to both men and women. It begins with the receding of hairline on the forehead and then affecting the entire scalp of the head. You can buy some hair care products online that promise to check the progression of thinning hairline because it is necessary to keep the beauty of your hairstyle.

  • A sudden incident of hair fall

If you experience the sudden fall of a lot of hair strands within a few days, it could be a sign of permanent hair loss. This type of hair loss could happen due to any diseases, hormonal imbalance or medication. Contact your doctor to understand the cause and treatment of such a condition.

Causes behind Hair Loss:

There is not a certain factor responsible for hair loss as it could be anyone or several ones behind this condition. Here are some prominent causes for baldness pattern.

  • Heredity

Family history or heredity is a strong factor for causing male-pattern as well as female-pattern baldness. The genes of any one of your parents or blood relatives who has pattern baldness can have an effect on your hairline as well. It is not a prime cause but a possible factor for causing hair loss.

  • Hormonal disorder

Hormonal imbalance can cause temporary or permanent hair loss in male and female. Women suffering from thyroid ailment, menopause, cancer or any other medical conditions can experience the receding of the hairline.

  • Mental and physical stress

People living in stress or mental trauma experience the thinning of hairline which leads to the condition of hair loss. It does not require a hair loss treatment but the mental relaxation to take care of the health of your hair.

Some other causes of hair loss include tight hairstyle, medication, injury, poor nutrition, unhealthy environment etc. Also, there are some risk factors such as blood sugar, chemotherapy, overweight/weight loss, and age can cause the receding of the hairline.

Hair Loss Treatment:

Experts suggest some tips that can contain the preventable types of hair loss. These are very practical tips that anyone can follow to avoid excessive hair fall.

  • Keep your hairstyle flexible and loose
  • Do not twist, pull or rub your hair
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemical products
  • Protect your hair from the piercing UV rays
  • Avoid smoking and illicit products
  • Avoid medications that can damage hair follicles
  • Take precautionary measures during chemotherapy

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