How to Grow Your Eyelashes Faster?

Usually, every woman or grown-up girl desires for longer and fuller eyelashes but unfortunately, all of them are not so lucky in this regard. The fall and undergrowth of eyelashes are the major obstacles in this process. However, you can reverse this trend with the help of Careprost Eye Drops. Experts widely recommend Careprost eyelash enhancer serum to get back the longer, thicker and fuller lashes. Let us how this liquid solution helps people to grow eyelashes faster than any other means.

Careprost promises longer and fuller eyelashes:

For the sake of eyes’ beauty, women often use various eye products such as eyeliner, mascara, Kajal, and fake lashes or external eyelashes. Most of the women have no problem with these products but a permanent solution is not promised yet. Many beauty experts recommend people buy Careprost online or over the counter and use it for the faster growth of eyelashes. Only one drop of this liquid solution for an eyeliner a day is enough for the good growth of eyelashes. Within a few weeks of regular application of this eye drop, you would experience a considerable change in your eyelashes.

The natural function of eyelash growth:

Eyelashes not only enhance the beauty of your eyes but also prevent them from different objects from getting in the eyes. Each eyelash strand is a kind of sensory hair that immediately shuts the eyelid as soon as it is touched by the dirt or dust particles, wind blow or any pollutants. The upper lid of a man or woman has about 90 to 140 lashes, while the bottom hairline has about 80 strands. Their length remains about 10 mm and the life cycle of every strand it about 3 months. After that period, an eyelash is replaced by a new strand. When this life-cycle is disturbed, new strands do not emerge, so you have to have a lesser number of hair strands. The use of Careprost eyelash enhancer serum can help to increase anagen (growth) phase of the lashes and keep them fuller and thicker for long.

How Careprost liquid grows eyelashes:

Careprost was originally formulated to treat glaucoma and lower intraocular pressure. The growth of eyelash is a result of its side effect. Careprost has bimatoprost as an active ingredient which is meant to diagnose various eye conditions. This ingredient proves to be beneficial for the eyes and eyelashes if used under prescription. This eye drop can reduce the catagen (transition) phase of the eyelashes. In this phase, the growth of an eyelash stops and so does the shrinking of a hair follicle.

In this way, Careprost enhances the anagen phase as well as the telogen phase of the hair cycle. After using this liquid solution for some 5-6 weeks, you will experience a good growth in the lashes as it makes fuller and longer. One can easily buy Careprost online at an affordable cost and use it at home.

Careprost as a good replacement for external lashes:

The use of external eyelashes and mascara is not a new thing for women. It is a good solution but not a perfect substitute for the natural eyelashes. There are several drawbacks of fake or external lashes as it does not suit every woman and it requires much more care to look good. External lashes are typically made from synthetic materials mixed with mink and silk. It is also a time-consuming process to apply external lashes and if you do not wear it properly, it looks awkward.

External eyelashes last about 3-4 weeks and after that, you have to buy another set of lashes. On the other hand, the naturally grown eyelashes with the help of Careprost remain with you for a long time. Therefore, it is better to use Careprost eyelash enhancer serum to find strong and luscious eyelashes. You can easily learn how to use this eye drop and find fuller lashes at an affordable cost.

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