Ever Had to Break Your Own Cheap Glass Pipe?

Recently a friend of mine’s little brother went through a pretty harrowing ordeal which will likely influence him greatly one way or another for a long time. Cheap glass pipes are a pretty staple component of any young teenager’s development as a cannabis smoker. A parent’s severity on these kind of matters can vary immensely, from threatening military boarding school after finding a pack of rolling papers, to kindly offering you a vaporizer to do less damage to your lungs. For the most part, however, a pretty large majority of parents don’t really want to see their children smoking anything at all when they’re too young. Tons of cool parents out there might be totally okay with cannabis and maybe even smoke it themselves, but that doesn’t mean they can or should be chill with their young ones partaking too. There’s a significant neurological impact from smoking at a young age and it can lead to all kinds of cognitive and mental health issues down the road of life. Still, if you catch your kid hiding cheap glass pipes and mason jars of weed in the house, some approaches are better than others in disciplining them and educating them on the consequences of abusing pot.

That friend of mine’s brother was forced to stomp on his glass pipe outside on the concrete and shatter it to bits himself. Not only did he have to destroy his own newly beloved pipe, but he is also now grounded from any kind of social events and gathering until his after-prom party in late June. That’s like two months of grounding. It doesn’t end there though. He also had to sit down and read some articles on the dangers of ‘marijuana addiction’.

This part is actually a decent idea, as long as you put the effort into finding unbiased non sensationalist articles. He also has to submit to an eye check every time he comes home to see if he went and got stoned with his friends, and his parents even pester him and try to talk with him to see if they get him to somehow slip up. Don’t do this, it’s just weird, and oh so tiresome for the kid, and will only make them harbor resentment for authority. Lastly, as part of the overall punishment, he has to put 15$ of gas into his dad’s car, not every week, but every second week. This is apparently to simulate the cost of addiction. God, I wish I could maintain my habit at 7.50$ per week.