Ensure Best Weekend Spa Break By Choosing Right Massage Treatment With These Tips!

Are you ready for your weekend spa break? Well, if you haven’t decided the best massage treatment for you, then you aren’t completely ready yet! After all, your weekend spa break is incomplete without a relaxing and incredible massage.

No matter whether you want to reduce stress, want to get your paining muscles soothed, or just want to relax, there is always a massage treatment for your different needs. All you need is choosing the best weekend spa in Montreal like Storm spa to get the best experience! Before we check out different massage treatments, let us first explore why a massage is beneficial first!

What are the benefits of massage treatment?

Different kinds of massages are meant to offer you different benefits. For instance, some are aimed to release your stress, but others may even help you get rid of muscle pain. However, most of the massage during your weekend spa break by licensed and trained massage therapist comes with the following benefits.

  • It brings you great calmness and relaxation.
  • It improves production of serotonin and dopamine that are even termed as feel-good hormones.
  • It lowers the levels of hormone Cortisol in the body which is a stress hormone.
  • It slows and calms the heart rate that results into lowered blood pressure.

Major types of massage treatments

  • Hot Stone – This treatment makes use of smooth and flat stones. It completely relaxes your body. Some stones are placed on key tension areas and some are even used by therapist for massaging on tired muscles.
  • Swedish massage – It is one of the most popular massages that aims on pain and stress release. It even boosts up the clients’ energy.
  • Shiatsu – It is Japanese method that is used for encouraging energy to flow in body freely. This healing technique is influenced by acupuncture.
  • Deep tissue massage – This massage treatment is aimed to treat chronic pains and aches. Sometimes, it is also used for treating injuries. It even helps in soothing pains in deeper muscle layers and tissue.
  • Thai – This massage aims in restoring energy and balance the body along with rejuvenating the mind. The therapists even use their elbows, and sometimes their feet in this kind of massage.

When you know which massage treatment is right for you, you can get the best benefits out of it. Just make sure that you choose the best weekend spa to get desirable experience.

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