Elicit Herbal Chew: Is This The Right Alternative To Chewing Tobacco?

If you are someone who is addicted to chewing tobacco, getting off it can be a challenge. Many people who are into tobacco use claim that chewing it is better than being addicted to cigarettes, because smokeless tobacco products are not directly linked to cancer of the ling. However, the health risks related to these products cannot be ignored. However, for someone who has been using tobacco products for a while, it is necessary to make one move at a time against nicotine. Elicit Herbal Chew is one of the better products in the market that promises to reduce your nicotine intake. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s Elicit Herbal Chew?

In simple words, Elicit Herbal Chew is an alternative to chewing tobacco. Before you ask, the product does contain tobacco, but the aim is to reduce dependency on nicotine in the long run. The full-strength variant of Elicit Herbal Chew contains 200mg of nicotine, which is anyway lesser than the amount of nicotine found in chewing tobacco. The company aims to ensure that people reduce the intake of nicotine immediately after switching to Elicit Herbal Chew. However, if you have any existing health concerns or want to find more on whether such products can be used safely, make sure to consult your doctor.

Overview of the product

Elicit Herbal Chew doesn’t contain any caffeine and it doesn’t taste like tobacco. Most products that are designed to imitate the effects of chewing tobacco fail miserably, which is probably why the company has kept the focus on making a chew that’s likeable and doesn’t compromise on taste. Elicit Herbal Chew basically adds nicotine to a blend of herbs that’s natural, making it a good alternative to regular chewing tobacco. The idea is to recreate the experience of having tobacco, without imitating the taste. They also have a Zero Strength chew, which is completely made of natural products and doesn’t contain any tobacco, so you can always choose to gradually move away from dependency on nicotine. Please note that the products are not meant for ingestion and are designed for chewing only.

Elicit Herbal Chew Flavors include Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon, and Chili-Lime. We recommend this product to anyone who is trying to wean off from chewing tobacco. They have variants from full-strength to zero-strength, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get there. Check online to know more details.

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