Diet After Gastric Banding Surgery

Soon after your Gastric Banding operation continues to be completed, you should allow it to sit and rest to ensure that scarring can build around it that is essential to helping it fix within the correct position. Should you consume a normal solid diet soon after the operation your ab muscles squeeze and churn to interrupt lower the meals and set pressure and stress around the band and then any stitches holding it in place.

The Gastric banding idea would be to limit just how much food your stomach pouch can contain, so you ought to get to grips together with your diet after Gastric Banding Surgery if you are planning for the greatest results. Although individual surgery centres do vary within their specific diet plan advice, here’s general information and guidance for Gastric banding patients.

The food will alter over the years and could be damaged into two different periods, the very first being inside the first four days and yet another being beyond four days.

The very first four days

You’ll begin taking sips water the next day the gastric band surgery and overnight you’ll most likely have the ability to take free fluids. When you are taking fluids easily the next thing is relocating to puree.

The main factor for your diet plan for that four days after gastric banding would be to make certain all of your meals are pureed and you eat small quantities (4-5 small meals each day).Here’s the important thing suggests be aware while preparing your diet plan:

*The feel ought to be something similar to smooth baby food which is achieved using a mixer or hands-held blender, or push though a sieve to get rid of any protuberances and don’t forget to include just a little water to create a smoother consistency.

*How big meals ought to be about 100g, or 5-6 tablespoons is the right amount. Make sure you eat this gradually and eat in small mouthfuls.

*Give up eating once you begin to feel full as the pouch is towards the top of your stomach, the sensation of fullness you’re going to get differs from the sensation before and it has been described like a tightness inside your chest not your stomach.

*Drink 1.5 litres water (2 1/2 pints) every single day in 100-200ml portions that is too be used between meals and never using the meal as it may satiate fast

Post Author: Nanci Pru