Change The Way You Eat With The Best Superfoods!

In recent years, a lot has been written about superfoods. You must have heard how berries, yogurt or leafy greens can change your life. So, what’s the fuss all about? What are those superfoods that you should really have? What kind of other diet changes should you incorporate in your life? Here’s a quick take on the basics!

Knowing better!

What are superfoods? The term ‘superfoods’ covers all those food items that are high on nutrients and typically low in calories. These are called so because they are more healthier alternatives to some of the other options available.  Many research and studies have further strengthened the faith in these superfoods, and American Cancer Society says that these superfoods contain a considerable level of antioxidants, which helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

What the best superfoods?

The list is quite an extensive one. To start with, let’s talk about berries – most importantly – Goji berries and acai berries. Blueberries, strawberries and cranberries can be good replacements if you cannot find the other two. Some of the seeds also make into the list, such as chia seeds and hemp seeds (not same as the much controversial marijuana). In terms of green superfoods, we have wheat grass, barley grass, green leafy veggies like spinach, kale, and parsley. Some of the know algae forms, such as spirulina are also known to be superfoods. Almonds, salmon, coconut, and flaxseeds are also included in the list, besides yogurt, fruits and selected veggies, including sweet potatoes.

Eating healthy with superfoods

Superfoods contain a high dose of different vitamins and minerals, and it is always recommended that you get the organic choices, if available. It is rather impossible to change your diet overnight, because in all fairness, you may not enjoy the new diet, which will be high in nutrition but low in terms of taste. Here are some quick tips –

  • Exclude sugar when you are eating superfoods. Don’t sprinkle refined sugar in your salads and mixes – go for honey instead.
  • Go for fresh fruits and veggies and not the canned ones. Organic food costs more, but that’s probably the best bet you have for your health.
  • Avoid dips and cheese. These only add unwanted calories to your otherwise healthy super-foods. Cheese, in particular, will only add to your waistline.
  • If you are adding seafood like salmon, sardines, and mackerel to your diet, make sure that you buy fresh from the market. The canned products have considerable amount of salt.
  • Buy local. Exotic berries might be on every list of superfoods, but the ones that you can find in the local market are equally good. Try and eat as fresh as possible.
  • Start slow. Do not try and include everything that you read about. Take small steps at a time. For example, replace your regular tea with a cup of green tea, or spread some flaxseeds on your yogurt for breakfast.

With a few small changes, your body and mind will feel better – Switch to a superfood diet now!